Returning and Remodeling

Did you miss me? It’s been a while.

Life has been mad, messy, and marvelous. I wouldn’t even know where to begin, so I won’t. The thing is, there isn’t even that much to talk about. Don’t get me wrong – SO much has happened. Life has turned inside out and back again. Unexpected people have come and others have gone. Doors closed and floors dropped out. But I’ve come to see that while much has happened, little of that is what is ACTUALLY happening. What is happening, really, is underneath, in this season. I have become an internal game of Tetris, with pieces and shapes dropping rapidly, shifting, stacking, deleting, building, combining, connecting. I am being remodeled by the day into the woman I will need to be for what is next. 

I usually come here with formed thoughts, with lengthy messages to share. Tonight I am back just because I must RETURN. I needed to show my face. I must come back to the woman who was not only living her story, but writing it. It’s too late tonight to cover all this ground, but here’s where we’re going.

~ Great things will not find a home with you until you make room for them to arrive.

~ Love is only as helpful as it is healthy.

~ The practice of humanity is not – and I repeat – is not a luxury in our culture or our businesses or our relationships. It is is the starting gun, it is the finish line, and it is the only means of endurance.

So, until we can come together again here quite soon, ruminate on those powerful, hard-earned thoughts I’ve wrestled into my very bones for you these last few months. We’re about to go to some difficult places and talk about some gut-wrenching realities, but where we’ll get? Even my dreams are too small for it. This is going to get good.






What do you think?

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