Feet First

Sometimes the smallest things can make the difference. I recently took a trip to spend some time in Florida with my family, and the 80 degree weather was an welcome respite from this polar vortex winter. Naturally I took the opportunity to do some outdoor running, which, between the temperature and the 1000% humidity, left me rubicund and dripping with sweat. Fortunately we had a pool at our disposal which makes for the most glorious post-run relief.

Now, you may find this a silly thing, but for me it was a moved mountain. I haven’t jumped into a pool since I was a child, or perhaps a teenager. I just started walking in, or climbing down the side ladder. I don’t know why. I’m sure it has some to do with not feeling comfortable in my own body, some to do with not wanting to attract attention, and a teeny bit to do with not usually enjoying the feel of falling. But in the midst of reading all these books about trying to be happy and brave, I decided to throw myself with abandon right into that balmy pool.


I repeated this feat several times throughout the week and found myself smiling under water every time.

A tiny thing, infinitesimal compared to some of the other leaps I need to take in my life, but I’ll be damned if it wasn’t fun.

what is fear stealing from you

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